Our Style

We at 7 Generations Producers implement a style of agriculture called PERMACULTURE.  In essence it is PERMANENT agriculture or better known as REGENERATIVE agriculture, where landscapes are planted, grown and harvested in an ORGANIC way to give the soils and plants the diverse mixture to create a sustainable environment.  Low environmental impact with a high yielding production is the result 100% of the time when properly executing these ways.

Heirloom Organic Practices

Our “Heirloom Organic” practices follow after the great IROQUOIS native tribes that once roamed the continental United States.  The United States constitution was actually based off the Iroquois constitution.  The Iroquois believed we must consider the next 150 years of people in every action taken as such action will affect them positively or negatively.

Food, Fuel, & Energy

Production of FOOD, FUEL and ENERGY along with creating building materials to assemble habitable shelters and structures for everyday use is what 7 Generations Producers is all about.  It is a company that culminates vast ideas into reality by pushing the boundaries of possibilities to cultivate the best of the best!

Introducing New Farming Practices & Cash Crops for the Changing Future!


Regular Classes will be held along with social media blasts to inform and educate those around the world as to into what 7 Generations Producers is doing and why we help lead the way into the new dawn of the “Green” & “Organic” movement sweeping across our great nation and planet.

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